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Thursday, October 8, 2009

We love gogo - yes we do, we love go go...how bout...yo

I try and prepare lunch at home every morning before I head off to work. I usually make extra dinner and mix it into some quinoa, chickpeas, whole wheat pasta or lentils. If it's an extremely rare occasion and I can actually see the sun, I'll bang out a nice salad with tinned salmon or tuna. Sometimes I just can't be bothered though... and it's on these days that I start thinking about lunch at about 10am! 

The decision on what to get for lunch is a BIG deal for me. Knowing how grumpy I get when I get a bad meal, there really is a lot of thought that goes into where I'm going to go. Osumo is my most popular choice, Kauai might feature every now and then, sushi is up there, the food lover's market pops up on occasion but what I am digging at the moment is a crowd called GoGo. They make salads and sandwiches and the cool part is they bring it to your office. They have partnered with Knead so you know the bread is going to be amazing, and their salads, while not being overly creative, are made of high-quality ingredients with no additives or preservatives. 

They've got a good vibe going with "boardroom boxes" which are aimed to cater for 10 - 12 people. These are a nice idea and I personally would love to arrive at a breakfast meeting to granola and fruit skewers instead of sugary muffins and pastries. 

Another nice touch if you are involved at an office with more than 120 employees is their vending machines which they stock daily. These are filled with fresh sandwiches and juices and make a nice change from chocolate bars and crisps. If you are reading this and you're the boss...well done. I like you. If you're reading this and you aren't the boss...well, keep on trucking I guess? But, in the meantime, tell your boss to get one of these. 

For a full menu check them out on www.welovegogo.co.za - I'm a big fan of the chicken, pesto and avo on country seed. (There's no sign of rye yet...)

Jamie Who


Bloem said...

I agree!!! GoGo is probalby the best thing since sliced bread! Keep up the good Jamie.

Unknown said...

The link to the gogo site doesn't work - http://www.welovegogo.co.za/