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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nook - There is still some charm in S'Bosch after the franchise invasion

On Saturday morning The Princess, Elvis and I took a drive through to Stellenbosch. We had a meeting out there and when we were done we thought we would enjoy a brunch somewhere. Let me tell you, the place has changed since I was a student there. (Jeez, how old did that make me sound?!!) A quick drive through town and I was left feeling really disappointed. Simply Asia? Cape Town Fish Market? Vida? Melissa's? What the fu*k was going on? Where were the quirky little places that give Stellenbosch its charm? As I drove on they began sprouting up. A tiny little bakery called Sweet. A little deli called Cupcake. Some Cafes with outside seating. And finally a restaurant that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for: Small, tables and chairs on the pavement and a little bit of that "ouma"- style cooking. 

Nook is obviously the new hotspot and was absolutely humming. The atmosphere is relaxed and the decor a mixture of neutral colours, beautiful wooden tables and a collection of bits and pieces. The main feature is a wall with hanging brass cookware and cooking magazines but the whole place is done really well. There is a nice organic feel. 

The menu is simple, rustic food. You will see "homemade" a lot on the menu which always pleases me. The focus is on salads, sandwiches and light meals. And then there are the baked goods. Croissants, sticky buns etc. They are apparently phenomenal but I was not swayed. Instead I ordered two poached eggs. Here is where things got a bit strange. The waitress told me they don't do poached eggs. I was a bit shocked but happily enough ordered  some scrambled eggs, as long as they don't add cream. The waitress came back and apologised, saying they do add cream so was there anything else I would like. I asked if there was any chance they could just not add the cream. Apparently she had not thought of this. Maybe I'm just being a dick but I should not have had to ask, especially after they had told me they wouldn't make the poached eggs. 

Ok, so that was a bit of a rant. How were the eggs you are wondering? Worth the confusion. Presented on ceramic, brightly-coloured plates and served with grilled mushrooms and some fresh rocket. And real rye bread. The Princess had the same but with tomatoes and she seemed happy. Elvis had a bowl of water. He seemed happy. 

I must also mention the owners: Jessica and Luke. They were brilliant and are probably what will make me recommend this place. The personal attention and obvious passion for what they are doing is awesome to see. When next in Stellenbosch, check this place out. 

You can find it at 42 Van Ryneveld Street. Or call them on (021) 887-7703

Jamie Who


Michael said...

Next time, try Cafe Dijon - a true French Bistro, owner driven and with excellent food and service!

Jessica said...

Was great meeting you on Saturday and have been looking forward to your write-up! 3 months open next week and we thrive on feedback.
I'll fess up on the poached eggs ... they are my achilles' heel!!! But if you decide to visit us again (and I hope you do), I will definately bite the bullet and prepare some for you.
Love the blog, am always inspired!

Jamie Who said...

Thanks Michael, I'll definitely keep that in mind. Jess, I will hold you to your promise and a looking forward to a perfectly poached egg!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!