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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Slow Foods Market - Well worth a drive

Last Saturday I had a business meeting in Stellies (can I still call it Stellies? Do you mind?) and after a good brunch at Nook I stopped in at The Fresh Goods Market at Oude Libertas. I had heard good things... 

As I took my first step into this market I was impressed. I digged the range of stalls - Indian curries and spices, handmade pasta, mushroom stands, organic salads, bakers, roasted coffee beans, fresh seafood, bright cocktails, a range of organic honey, moist cakes, delicate tarts, biltong, jams and chutneys, smoothies, art and more. What I was most stoked about though was the amount of people. Unlike other markets (like The Biscuit Mill) I was able to walk around without being bumped. I get grumpy when I spill my Jack Black. Here I was also able to actually talk to the people who were selling stuff. This is the main reason I go to markets and the intimacy has been lost at other venues. I met an awesome lady who showed me the most beautiful mushrooms I have ever seen (yes, I do excited about vegetables. Yes, I am a food nerd), I chatted with a girl selling fresh Saldanha oysters ("just the six for me please") and generally enjoyed a really good vibe. 

The quality on offer here was as good as anywhere I've seen in Cape Town, the prices were fair and the variety was awesome. I highly recommend it. And for those of you who say it's too far, I say shame on you. You're reading the wrong blog. 

Jamie Who

P.S. To get there, take the Stellenbosch turn-off from the N2. Travel past Spier on your right and when you come to a traffic light turn right. At the next set of traffic lights, directly opposite the entrance to Distell, turn left. Look for cars. 

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mEeLa said...

I love the slow food market! Did you SEE the cupcakes? I have yet to bring myself to eat one, they're too pretty... My favourite are all the middle eastern/mediterranean flavours - home made flavoured hummus, harissa, tzatziki, falafels, all that yummy stuff.

And yes, you can still say Stellies - I'm a Stellies student now, and it's a very Soutie thing to say, but people still say it :P