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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doppio Zero - Like Primi but less orange

Bearing in mind that I had just scratched my car and almost got into a street fight with a bergie, I had a decent time at Doppio Zero (Somerset Road) when I stopped by for a quick lunch. I didn't have much time so I went with the Thai-chicken sandwich on rye. Not bad! The bread itself was particularly good and when I asked the waiter about it he showed me their on-site bakery which operates from the small shop next door. It wasn't shabby at all - a couple of cakes, croissants, eclairs, gingerbread-men etc. Look, it's no Jardine Bakery but it will definitely do the job for locals. 

The Doppio Zero menu is huge. Salads, light meals, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, seafood, meat blah blah blah. It is basically Primi without the orange. I must say though, everything I saw getting carried out looked really good. They've also got a nice bar area and outdoor seating which lends itself to people-watching. And the people who walk past are well worth watching...

Service was a bit slow but overall I reckon it is a nice addition to a building that includes Best Ugly Jazz Bar and Beauna Vista Social Cafe. With Miss K already an established hit, the new Cape Quarter launching further up the drag and the new Bravado and Mano's within spitting distance there is a nice little food node developing. 

Have a look for yourselves at 81 Main Road, Greenpoint. Or call them on (021) 434-9581. 

Jamie Who


Unknown said...

I have been to the one in cavendish several times and their bread is superb, the first time we bought bread there it never made it home (I think it was a sweet potato bread)

On the slow service, I think if you were there for a proper lunch and not a quick bite it would have been fine. Restaurants should have a "quick bite" section of their restaurant with an abridged version of the menu (things that dont take lots of time to make) and then the waiters know that people there need service quick :)

Jamie Who said...

Yeah, that's a pretty cool idea. Most of it could be prepped in advance and they could throw it together in a few minutes