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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bramon bubbly -Why the hell not?

When I'm not in my adopted home city of Cape Town, or visiting old friends and family in Jozi, chances are you'll find me knocking around the Garden Route. I've been going to Plett for about 12 years now and consider it a little "home away from home". Knysna is another favourite part of the country to spend some time in, and with The Princess's folks based in Wilderness we stop in there occasionally too. Basically...The Garden Route is tough to beat. You can swing a golf club, suck back on a cold beer at The Deck, enjoy some beautiful beaches, eat at amazing restaurants, waterski, throw down some oysters and go to a wine farm. Huh? Yip, you heard me. You can go wine tasting 10minutes outside of Plett. Allow me...

A few months ago I heard a little whispering rumour that there was a farm outside of Plett that made Cap Classique as a speciality. Well, by the time I headed down there last weekend the whispering had turned into a "Kaizer Chiefs supporter with a vuvuzela" kind of rumour. I was intrigued to say the least. The Princess and I pulled in there looking for a taste.  

Without getting too technical about the qualities of the bubbly, let me say this: It was f-ing delicious. The packaging is beautiful too. The fact that it was 11h00 seemed insignificant as we enjoyed a few glasses. To cut a long story short, we ended up getting it for our wedding. How cool is it that we can support a local initiative and chalk one up for the little guy at the same time? Very cool is the right answer. 

Chatting to Lacey (great name) - the marketing manager - about Bramon we discovered that they also have a BEE label called Vukani. The deal here is that 5% of the profits are pumped back into the local community. This money is then spent on educating the staff on wine manufacturing, soil conditions etc. Some of the money is also spent on housing projects for the staff and their families. How awesome? Very awesome is the right answer. 

It gets better. It turns out Bramon have a restaurant on the farm. We took a drive and although we didn't eat there I can safely I say I will be spending a bit of time there in December. The vibe is good. Like...really good. A black and white, modern building offers a funky shell, and tables are literally amongst the vines. It is quality guys. The food could taste like feet and I'm pretty sure I would go back. 

So there you go my lovelies. Something a bit different to check out next time you're in the Plett/Knysna area. Maybe I'll see you there? I'll be the guy in the straw hat, above-the-knee swim shorts and white vest (Country Road). Tom Ford shades. What? 

Jamie Who


Anonymous said...

its a really kiff and cool spot!
the food is killa too.
def worth a visit
Kim P

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