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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new, improved sidewalk cafe - I will take our reader's word for it

A while back I posted the first entry inspired by a reader. Well, The Brother of The Other Guy Who Can Cook is at it again. This time he e-mailed me an emotional roller-coaster of a letter swinging from disgust ("How can you have the logo of Ocean Basket on such a beautiful site?") to excitement ("I discovered a place serving the best R20 breakfast in Cape Town") to desperation ("Where can I get meat aged for more than 25 days?"). Yeah look, our boy covered quite a wide range of things in one e-mail!

I will break it down for you though. A few years back when I was living nearby, I used to go and have a couple of glasses of wine pretty often at a little place in Vredehoek called The Sidewalk Cafe. Location-wise it was a cracker but the food was AVERAGE AT BEST. The whole place was tired and in need of a makeover. I drove past a few weeks ago and saw that there was an entirely different vibe going on. A good vibe. The type of vibe I wanted to be part of. The type of vibe I want you to be part of. So, after getting some heads-up from a few people I was intrigued. The fact that The Brother of The Other Guy Who Can Cook gives it the thumbs up is all I need. R20. For a full-on breakfast with egg, crispy bacon, proper tomatoes and toasted sourdough. Yes please. He goes on to tell me the new owners are the same team behind Bombay Bicycle Club. Interesting. Apparently they do a good lunch too. Definitely add it to your list of places to visit. I am.

So guys, as I've said before, please write in and tell me about cool places to go, restaurants you have had amazing times at, restaurants that were fu*king horrible, new recipes you have tried out etc. I'm not saying The Brother of The Other Guy Who Can Cook is making you look bad...but...well...he kind of is. If you're on this blog then you already have an interest in food. Let's share the love.
Jamie Who

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