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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Roundhouse breakfast/lunch menu - A huge hit

I know I've written about The Roundhouse before but my visit on Saturday was basically like going to a different restaurant so I don't feel bad about throwing in a second review. Last time I went with Long Distance and Mouse and enjoyed a beautiful dinner. Coincidentally it was the same two who joined me for breakfast this time round.

Every now and then I have one of those "I'm so lucky to be living in Cape Town" moments. Sometimes the moment comes when I'm running on a dirt-track way above Kirstenbosch and I look down at the world's most beautiful city. Sometimes it comes when I drive over Kloof Neck and get the first glimpse of Camps Bay. The moment can come walking Elvis through the leafy southern suburbs, or it can come driving past the winefarms in Stellenbosch. On Saturday, when I sat down at a table on The Roundhouse's terrace, I had one of those moments.

The view is ridiculous.

Let's get into the food quickly before I get a bit carried away with how amazing the setting is. The vibe here is that they bring you a "checklist" as a menu. You then just tick the box next to what you want and write down how many of that item you fancy. Cutlery and crockery are in a picnic basket next to you for when you need them. I spoke to the host and he explained the idea was that he didn't want waitors and waitresses bothering people every few seconds. He just wanted guests to relax. That said, the service was incredible. I wrote last time I was here that I thought it was the best in the country and I'm sticking with that. If you need anything, you just wave your hand and someone comes immediately.

To eat, I had scrambled eggs with smoked trout. Delicious. Others had french toast with a berry compote (real, fresh berries) and the eggs benedict. After a morning of exercise we weren't quite done, so we shared a sticky bun and a walnut-and-banana muffin from the table of baked goods. I rounded things off wih a virgin mary that was perfectly seasoned and balanced. Teas and coffees are from Origin, which is also worth mentioning.

I've got to say, this meal was one of my best of the year. Super-chilled vibe, incredible food and something a bit different. I will be back very soon I reckon.

And get this, they also have breakfast and picninc hampers for R500. They serve 4 people and include a bottle of bubbly. I promise you, next time it's a nice day you should get involved. Either sit on the teraace like we did or enjoy a little boozy picnic. It could be worse. In fact, I'm willing to bet you'll have one of those Cape Town moments.

Jamie Who

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