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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lazari - That's it? Really?

This review is basically one of those where I hang my balls out and wait for someone to kick them. Because...I really didn't see what the big deal was when I had lunch at Lazari with Squeeze and The Princess

Let's start with the new Cape Quarter extension generally. It's f-ing huge! I really wasn't expecting that. The piazza area screams of Joburg and reminds me of something like Melrose Arch or Sandton Square. There are a whole bunch of funky eating options including The Cru Cafe, Viola, Vanilla, Andiamo and more. Let's just say it's impressive. 

But back to Lazari. The decor was pretty cool - bold colours and industrial finishes offset by bright white. The menu itself was good but not overly-inspiring. I went for the Moroccan chicken on couscous. Well...the couscous was Moroccan but that was about it. The rest was more Mediterranean than anything and consisted of tomatoes, feta and rocket. It was good but hardly memorable. Squeeze ordered the Haloumi and avo salad. Fine, except they forgot the avo. The Princess had a Thai Chicken wrap that was tasty but heavy on cumin. Green curry wrap would've been a better description. The garnish (afterthought) on all three plates was a handful of rocket that had been sloppily thrown on. 

We were in and out for a quick lunch and maybe it was the horsesh*t morning I had to endure, but I left really disappointed. As I say, loads of people love the store in Gardens but I can think of plenty of places I would rather go. 

Jamie Who

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