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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bastille Weekend in Franschhoek - I RSPV'd no thank you

I know this seems, well...silly, after I clearly stated I was going to be in Knysna this year(see article above), but for anyone who is choosing The Bastille weekend instead I thought it was only fair to point you in the right direction for things to do.

The obvious attraction is the food and wine marquee which is set up for Saturday the 11th and Sunday the 12th. The marquee is open from 12 to 5pm and showcases some of the area's best wines, sparkling wines and food. At 2pm on both days there is a barrel-rolling competition which should be a good laugh. Like pool, and nothing like formula-1, I think barrel-rolling falls into the category of sport where you need to be semi-drunk to be any good. This shouldn't be a problem at the festival, as the booze generally flows pretty steadily there. It is a good idea to get some accommodation and stay the night. That way you can get properly stuck in and even enjoy a little brekkie out there the following day. If you are more of the cultured type the private screening room in the awesome Le Quartier Francais will be showing French movies on Friday and Saturday nights at 6:30.

For the sportier of you (and to be honest, you are my favourites) check out the 15km Freedom run on Saturday morning. It starts at Groot Drakenstein Prison and ends at the town hall. If you can manage this run/walk you can go bananas with the food and wine in the knowledge that you have earned it, which is pretty cool.

There's plenty more to do, for a full breakdown check out the website at http://www.franschhoek.org.za/festivals.

There's no doubt, it will be a good way to spend the weekend. Wine, food and festivities. Like Knysna without the oysters...

Jamie Who

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