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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gordon - Ouch

I was watching Sky News at gym this morning. What's that? How far did I run? 10km's but that's not important. How long did it take? 50 minutes. I was obviously tired...

Aaaaaanyway, I saw a breaking news story that Gordon Ramsay's restaurant sales are down, wait for it...87% for the past financial year. Holy monkey. I knew things were tough but the recession seems to have hit home pretty hard. One wonders why with things going so badly he has brought his Maze restaurant to Cape Town. Perhaps he signed on prematurely? 

I was really interested so I dug a bit deeper. Check out the link below. It seems Mr Ramsay (among others) are in financial pooh. With places like The Showroom, Ribboville, Summerville and others closing locally there is definitely food for thought for would-be restaurateurs. 


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Lisa said...

That is hectic! I had no idea he was in so much financial trouble.