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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jack Black - Microbrewed awesomeness

We love the little guy at Jamie Who. We love the underdog. Most of all, we love the farmer, chef, wine-maker, butcher, baker, distiller etc. that is passionate about what he/she does. Did we mention we love beer too? With the slow-food revolution and the emergence of artisanal fare, brewing beer has become an artform. In a previous review I wrote about how beer has been taken to gourmet-levels at &Union in town and I think it's only fair that I bring your attention to another brand that wants to put beer on the foodie pedestal.

Jack Black is a beer founded by a couple trained in wine originally. Taking the same fundamental concepts of matching wine to food they have produced a beer that concentrates on the finest ingredients around and an extra slow-brewing process. There are no additives and every ingredient is fresh and 100% natural. The resulting beer is robust and less carbonated than normal beers. Of course, you might be working out right now that this means you can drink more without getting bloated. We like that, but remember my philosophy of training a bit harder that day if you plan on throwing a couple of these back. Good beer is, unfortunatley, not on any eating plan...

The beer is starting to pop up in a few of Cape Town's "boutique" bars on tap and there is just something so cool about it. You know when those moron judges on Idols say a singer has the X-Factor? Well, Jack Black has it. Awesome packaging, a nice full, rich flavour and the added benefit of the beer being brewed with food in mind. What's not to love?

If you are looking for a pint check out Caveau, Boo Radley's, Cafe Mojito, Kink Bar,The Roundhouse, Planet Bar or Caprice. You know you want to.


Jamie Who


PE said...

I love Jack Black!!!

Beer snob said...

Any idea if we can get this beer in Johannesburg? I'd love to try it...

Jack Black Beer said...

Hi there,
Just a quick one to let you know we're only available in Cape Town & surrounds at the moment. Hope you have a chance to make it down this summer!