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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Earth Fair food market - do they sell dream catchers?

So, it seems there is another new food market to try. Dubbed "The Earth Fair Food Market" I must be honest I am a bit skepitcal. It sounds a bit hippy-ish for me. They do promise a wide range of goods though. Free-range meat, a fishmonger, organic fruit and vegetables, a baker and a wine merchant (great title to have on your business card, don't you think? Merchant. Jamie Who...Food merhcant. Nice)

There is a coffee shop, a sushi stand and sparkling wine apparently. It could be a worth a trip? It runs on a Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm. Find it in Tokai between the Builder's Warehouse and the Reader's Warehouse...

Jamie Who

This just in: It seems The Pom visited the above market last week. She tells me it was pretty average. It was their opening day though so maybe a few teething problems? If any of you go let me know your thoughts...


myphotographer said...

have not been to earthfair yet,

go to triangle though, really like the smoked snoek and angelfish pate,

also lisa's cakes rock


mEeLa said...

Hey I just found this post now... I went to the market on Halloween, and it was absolutely buzzing. The people there are so friendly, and their produce is great. I try to support a little stall who sell their stuff cheaply cos they're not yet certified organic but they use all organic practices. Another highlight is a stall in the middle that makes pizza styled naan bread - spread with a tomato base and topped with a choice of whatever's going for the day, and fresh rocket on top.

Try it out - it's amazing