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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Spinach and feta muffins - A classic

Guys, I'm going to have to make this pretty quick. It seems my real job is interfering with my posting schedule today... 

Now, we all know how good the spinach and feta combo is when it comes in the form of a muffin so I knocked these up for breakfast this morning. I used Danish feta from Woolies which amazingly enough had the same fat content and calories as their "slimmer's choice" version. The thing is, without getting technical, Danish feta retains whey proteins when being made, while normal feta does not. The end result is Danish feta being far healthier. It tastes way better too and is less salty and much creamier than normal Greek feta. 

Anyway what you want to do is fry off a good handful of spinach and chop up about 2 matchbox-sized pieces of Danish feta. Follow the basic recipe below that I did for previous muffins but obviously substitute the spinach and feta for the corn and gammon. 


We ate them with some roasted tomatoes and a poached egg. Glory. 

Jamie Who


Feeling scammed said...

You're kidding - so the cardboardy slimmers feta I've been buying lately from Woolies is actually no better for me than that creamy Danish variety?

Those fokkers.
How dare they con little ol' me like that?

Thanks for enlightening me Jamie Who. In you I trust.

Miss Emma Jude said...

You can bake too? And all in one morning, before getting to work?

Jamie Who said...

Of course I bake Ms. Jackson. Come on...