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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Knysna Oyster Fest - I RSVP'd yes

You're in a good place when you have trouble deciding whether your weekend should be spent in a beret, trawling the Franshoek winelands, or elbow-deep in Knysna's oysters but indeed that is the exact position I am in every year around this time. Knysna has won the honour of my company this year, as I head up a particularly strong team. With the likes of The Big Man, C-Dog, Long Distance, Mouse, The Princess, Favourite sister and more behind me I think its safe to say the title of Mr. Knysna will be coming home again.

With so much going on in Knysna at the time it is worthwhile getting some kind of gameplan together in advance. If you're running on Saturday there are plenty of restaurants to carbo-load at but as we all know that can be dangerous. Me, I'll be heading down a day early to climatise...

The Oyster Fest is 10 days this year and there is actually too much going on for me to mention. If you want to see more visit http://www.oysterfestival.co.za/

What I can help you with is where to eat though so here are a few recommendations:

1. Firefly. One of my absolute favourite restaurants in South Africa. Indian/Cape Malay vibe with insane curries. The use of spices is the best I have seen anywhere. 0443 821490

2. Sirocco. A bit shmancier than most places in Knysna. Awesome decor with good seafood and pasta. 0443 824874

3. 34 Degrees South. A Knysna institution. Fresh oysters and seafood. Browse the deli section when you're done for supplies.0443 827331

4. Cruise Cafe. Very underrated spot. Home of some serious burgers and not-kak views of the lagoon. 0443 821693

5. Ile De Pain. Home of the best bread in the country. If you don't believe me I dare you to go there mid-morning. Enjoy the queue buddy? Rather wake up early and get there before the rush. Settle in for a breakfast or get some hot bread to take home. 0443 025707

6. Cornutis. With arguably the best setting in South Africa, this is a new addition to Knysna on the back of the success of the Plett branch. I did some extensive research here over December and can report the booze is fine. Food is not nearly as good as Plett though. If you're in a rush you might want to give this one a miss - service is sloooooooooooooooow. 0443 840408

7. Dish. I haven't eaten here but I popped in last time I was in the big K just to check it out. Good vibe, at the bottom of the uber-stylish The Rex Hotel. It is brand new so I'm not sure about the quality but it is worth a try I reckon. 0443 025900

There are so many more places, but this is a good place to start. Enjoy...

Jamie Who


Miss Emma Jude said...

Nice blog, Jamie Who!!

Favourite sister said...

I'm just a little bit excited.

So where have you booked us in for Fri and Sat feasts?
You're in charge of that...