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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Triangle Square Food Market - There are two shapes in their name

I'm starting another new tag here for "food markets", as I believe they are the cornerstone of all would-be chefs. There is nothing better than cruising a high-quality food market checking out the amazing produce on show. The attraction for me is meeting the people behind the food and having a chat with them. In the modern-age of supermarkets and convenience shopping we are all guilty of buying vegetables already cut up and in a bag. We buy sliced fruit, peeled potatoes and cubed butternut. Are we really that lazy? Cheese shouldn't come in a tub, already grated and meat should be bought from someone wearing an apron. Here, breads can still be bought warm and watching a fishmonger fillet the fish you have chosen yourself is surprisingly pleasing. But what makes food-markets extra-cool is the way most of them punt the little guy. The small wineries and the microbrewed beer are always on offer and as a result you get to see and more importantly taste the effort that goes into preparing everything. I absolutely love it.

Now, let me introduce you guys to one that is new on the scene: the triangle square market. Located in Fish Hoek, this market has the usual vinegars, pestos, preserves, nuts and cheese. It also has a West Coast seafood deli, a Cape Malay section, spectacular biltong, and Guiness-and-steak pies. Not a kak idea for winter.

This is defintiely a place to visit after a good session in the gym, where you leave the guilt behind. It is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm and can be found at 60 Main Road, Fish Hoek.
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