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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Quarter - umm...interesting

I wrote an article a while back about Bruce Robertson's new venture into gourmet bunny chows (http://jamiewhatshisname.blogspot.com/2009/06/quarter-breath-of-fresh-air.html) and today I got the chance to check it out for myself as Power joined me for lunch.

The decor is quirky but stylish which matches the food concept nicely. It is obvious that the plan was never to take things too seriously here and the end result is a good vibe. One of the walls is covered with instructions on the correct way to eat your bunny chow, or "Kota" as it is supposedly better known as. Beneath this there are shelves lined with Matric-biology-looking glass jars containing some pretty interesting items which didn't appeal to me at all. Of course, Bruce Robertson has never really been one to worry about what others think.

The menu gives you the option of having a quarter- or half-loaf of bread with your choice of filling plus a topping and a sauce if you need it. The fillings range from the more traditional mutton and chicken to the more extravagant goat and venison. There are gourmet options available, with crayfish, ox tail and rabbit making an appearance. Vegetarians are catered for too, with things like the waterblommetjie or the the feta and spinach bunnies. Fillings range from R25 - R65, toppings are R10 and sauces are R5.

I went for the goat as a filling and added a prego sauce. The meal was actually awesome, full of flavour and really tender meat. Power went for the mutton with Mrs. Balls and, while the meat he did get was good, there was nowhere near enough of it. This was owing to the fact that the meat was still on the bone so there wasn't much space in the actual quarter.

The place is definitely worth checking out and if you are a fan of Bruce Robertson you will dig it. You have to admire the concept and applaud the fact that at least it is something different. It gets messy though so add this to your list of places not to eat on a first date.

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