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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Q:What's pink and is behind the labia? A:The Mount Nelson hotel...

Admit it. On Sunday, when the sun was out and it was 25 degrees you went a little bit overboard. The slops were hauled out from the back of the cupboard along with dresses and skirts. Vests and boardies were donned and the sun-g's were thrown on. We all acted like it was December! It was pretty cool. But you know what? I don't feel like summer yet. Don't get me wrong, I love the beach and the sun and cocktails and the rest of it as much as you but I dig winter too. Stews and soups and slow-cooked roasts. Red wine, fires, pubs...it's all good. And movies. I'm not shy of a movie in winter. So, when I saw what The Labia theatre in Orange Street is offering I was intrigued.

Now, we have spoken before about how many winter specials there are. A sh*tload basically. Some of them are good, some of them aren't and all of them sound pretty much the same. That's why when something a little bit different comes along it's exciting. The Labia attempts this by teaming up with a few restaurants in the area (Gardens) and doing a dinner-and-a-movie vibe. For R70 - R75 you get 2 movie tickets and two meals. Monday and Tuesday is pizza at Societi Bistro, Wednesday and Saturday is the same deal at Diva Cafe, Thursday and Friday is Kauai and from next week Wednesday it's Hudson's Burger joint's turn.

What's also cool is that at The Labia you can buy a glass of wine or a beer and enjoy it during the movie. Nice.

Jamie Who


movie buff said...

LOVE the idea of this. Pizza and a movie? Classic.

Miss Emma Jude said...

That's a title and a half, Jamie Who!! :) Ha ha!

Miss Emma Jude said...
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Jamie Who said...

Ha ha, glad you like it Em. You've got to be a bit risque sometimes hey.

Miss Emma Jude said...

Really loving your blog. I know you're good at everything but writing and cooking too? I smell some serious metrosexuality!