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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The country's top 10 Pinotages - what do you make of it?

When it comes to wine I am a lot like our government officials - you expect me to know more than I actually do. Unlike a goverment official, however, I am trying to learn. So after my previous posting about the Pinotage on Tap Festival (http://jamiewhatshisname.blogspot.com/2009/08/pinotage-on-tap-wait-what-did-you-say.html) I was interested to read in today's Cape Times about an awards ceremony which celebrated SA's top 10 pinotages.

Originating in South Africa, Pinotage is a pretty controversial wine in the sense that until fairly recently it was shunned by the outside world and regarded basically as plonk. They are slowly coming round though and there are now definitely some recognised Pinotages that can hold their own against more famous varieties. If you are looking to bluff your way through a dinner, or impress your boss with a gift, the general rule seems to be that 2007 was the best year for Pinotage.

So, let's have a look at the top 10 (alphabetically):
  • Altydgedacht Pinotage 2008
  • Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage 2007
  • Cathedral Cellar Pinotage 2006
  • Flagstone Writer's Block Pinotage 2007
  • Kanonkop Pinotage 2005
  • Longridge Pinotage 2007
  • Lyngrove Platinum Pinotage 2007
  • Onyx Pinotage 2006
  • Viljoensdrift River Grandeur 2008
  • Windmeul Reserve Pinotage 2008

The runners up were:

  • Cathedral Cellar Pinotage 2007
  • De Waal Top of The Hill Pinotage 2007
  • Diemersfontein Carpe Diem Pinotage 2007
  • Fort Simon Pinotage 2006
  • Kanonkop Pinotage 2006
  • Lesebo Pinotage 2007
  • Simonsig Redhill Pinotage 2007
  • Stellenzicht Cellarmaster's Release Pinotage 2007
  • The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage 2007
  • Wildekrans Barrel Selection Pinotage 2007.

I have stuck the Kanonkop logo in there because it is my personal favourite but that's the great thing about wine - it's so subjective. As I mentioned, I am no expert at all when it comes to wine but I know what I like. Shouldn't that be all that matters?


Jamie Who


Peter F May said...

A grape variety cannot be controversial :) There can be controversy over its usage tho, eg. representing SA or its part in a 'Cape Blend'. Your summation of its first 40 years is also overly pessimistic.
Whether 2007 is the best of the recent vintages I don't know. 2006 was a stunner and 2004 was also excellent.


Jamie Who said...

Thanks Peter, what an honour to hear from you. That is exactly what I meant by controversial - the fact that people think it represents SA wine as a signature. Thanks for the guidance re 2006 and 2004 vintages.