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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wild Organics - Upped their game nicely

I stumbled upon this crowd a while ago and used to get my fruit and vegetables from them weekly. Basically, the vibe at the time was every Thursday they would send me an e-mail with organic fruit and vegetables that were available for the week. I would order what I liked and collect them on the Wednesday. They were packaged in a rustic, farm-style crate. It was pretty awesome. After renovating my house and losing plenty of numbers that were scribbled on bits of paper I lost their details and sort-of forgot about them. So...I was absolutely stoked when I got an e-mail about 2 weeks ago saying they had set up a permanent shop in Woodstock, open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday morning. 

The have upped their game too. They now offer delivery, as well as several collection points around the city where you can pick up your box of goodness. They still have the same system of sending a weekly ingredients list, but also have a whole lot of items you can add to your box. Rye bread, sourdough, eggs, cheese, olive oil, nuts etc. Also, if the weekly box doesn't have what you feel like you can throw in anything from fennel bulbs to king oyster mushrooms. Just pick the ingredients out of a list and add them. It's a beautiful thing.

And if, like me, you like to touch and feel the produce you're buying you can visit their shop on a Saturday morning and sit down for breakfast after your shopping. As well as the fruit and veg on offer they also have free range pork, duck and beef. 

I'm an absolute food-nerd and maybe it's just me but butternut should not be in a plastic bag, cut into cubes. I love the fact that Wild Organics' tomatoes don't look identical. I love the fact that their sweet potatoes are weird and knobbly looking. It adds authenticity. And the difference in flavour is a joke. There is so much happening with these guys it's difficult to tell you about it all. Check it out for yourself on www.wildorganics.co.za. A box costs R130. 

Jamie Who


Candice said...

I've used these guys too and they are great!!

Anonymous said...

An unexpected bonus is that I barely see the inside of chainstores. My life is much improved as a consequence.