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Friday, November 27, 2009

La Boheme - Best value for money in Cape Town. Fact.

I wrote a nice little entry here about my review for La Boheme that made its way into Men's Health. They asked me to write 100 words on "The best restaurant in Cape Town if you didn't receive a Christmas bonus." I chose La Boheme. Anyway, I scanned the article and tried to drop it in but I was having no joy. (My technical skills - unlike my palette and my eyes - are unimpressive.) So....I'm going to have to re-write it. The whole thing. All 100 words. That's going to take like...7 minutes. I swear the sacrifices I make for you guys... 

Okay, without any more waffling, here it is: my take on La Boheme, word-for-word as it appears in this month's Men's Health. 

What makes La Boheme so cool is that it they aren't trying too hard. With an open-plan kitchen, a couple of black-and-white prints hanging on the wall, cases of microbrewery-style Brewers & Union beer as decor and bistro-styled food packed with flavour, they've got a good vibe going. Expect stuff like slow-roasted, pork belly, fillet with mushrooms risotto and beef carpaccio with caperberries. It's simple, honest food. And did I mention more than 60 wines available by the glass? Yes please. With pavement seating perfect for people watching and an owner who oozes pride for his restaurant you'd be a fool not to check it out. R85 gets you two courses and R105 gets you three. An absolute steal. 

So there it is dudes. I went and had a good night. So should you. 

Jamie Who

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Marisa said...

Thanks for the tip - I'll have to go check out La Boheme. I love me a good bargain...